Message from the Commissioner for Youth, Sports and Social Development

#On behalf of the Lagos State Government, I wish to congratulate Greensprings School for the tremendous work being done in the development of grassroots sports in Lagos.Talent in every individual is best maximized when it is identified at an early age and properly harnessed to fruition.It is therefore imperative to focus on developing young talents, which is a shift from the quick-fix solution methods of the past to a long-term investment in our youth that is sure to yeild great dividends in the years to come.

This is an integral part of this Ministry’s work, and I thank and appreciate the Director of Greensprings, Mrs Lai Koiki, and all the good people at Greenspr ings Schcool for their help and contributions in this regard. I encourage other Schools to follow the good example set by Greensprings and commit to the growth of School sports in Lagos. Whilst the State Government is fully intent on taking the lead to help drive this development, we accept that we cannot do it on our own and need the support and partnership of the school to effect the necessary change .

I would also like to thank and appreciate Mr Kanu Nwankwo for the important role he has played in the success of this programme. After such a glittering and successful career, his commitment to ‘give back’ to the youth Hon.

Waheed Oshodi
Honourable Commissioner
for Youth, Sports and Social Development,
Lagos State.
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    @ the opening 1st Annual GKFC

    The Director - Greensprings School and Kanu Nwankwo

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    Training Session

    Kanu Nwankwo coaching the students

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    Do right

    Learning more skills in every session of GKFC