Message from The Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC)

#Educating young people through sports is one of the primary goals of the Olympic Movement . In our society today the educational role of sport is no longer a Philosophy but a reality. Our major challenge is to find the right method of introducing young people to active sports lifestyle .

The Nigeria Olympic Committee salutes the commitment of Greensprings School to child education and sports, through the use of programmes that impact lasting legacies on youngsters. The Greensprings / Kanu Football Camp is a strategic youth development initiative that will positively affect our Football in future We congratulate Greensprings, Kanu Nwankwo, the visiting experts and all the youngsters participating in this third edition of the programme.

Hon. Tunde Popoola
Secretary General
Nigeria Olympic Committee
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    @ the opening 1st Annual GKFC

    The Director - Greensprings School and Kanu Nwankwo

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    Training Session

    Kanu Nwankwo coaching the students

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    Do right

    Learning more skills in every session of GKFC