6th Annual Greensprings/Kanu Football Camp Registration

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  • 1. Applicant's details
  • 2. Parent / Guardian Details
  • 3. School Details
  • 4. Medical Details
  • 5. Camp Details
Only students from ages 5-17 currently in school can participate in the programme

Step 1: Applicant's details

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Notes: Ages 5yrs to 8yrs will be at the Day camp, all others will be residential.
  • Step 2: Parent / Guardian Details

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    A photographer / video operator may be present to take images which Greensprings may use globally for
    promotional purposes. I give permission for my child to be photographed / Filmed.
  •       No names of children will accompany images. (Please tick boxes above as appropriate).

    Step 3: Present School  

    Step 4: Medical Details  

    Has your child ever had any of the following? (Click on the button to switch "Yes" for the applicable)
    Asthma or Bronchitis
    Heart Condition
    Fits, Fainting or Blackouts
    Severe Headaches
    Allergies to any known medication
    Allergies to material, food or plasters
    Other illness or disability
    Is your child taking any medication?

    Step 5: Camp Details  

      1. Registration : N5,000.00
      2. Residential : N80,000.00 include accommodation, food and kits
      3. Day Camp with Bus : N70,000.00 includes daily lunch and kit
      4. Day Camp Only: N60,000 includes daily lunch and kit

      Method of Payment
      There will be no on-site payment.
    • Other information to be forwarded after selection

    • Do not apply unless you are a student in Elemeentary, Primary or Secondary school.